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West 21st Location

Return Policy

In accordance of State Laws we are not allowed to accept any returns on alcohol. 

Finality of Sales of Alcoholic Liquor by Retailers

Sales of alcoholic liquor under the Liquor Control Act are final, except that retailers may:

Buy back or exchange, within 24 hours after sale to a consumer, any item of alcoholic liquor or CMB which is damaged or deteriorated in quality. Approval of the Director is not required. [Subsection (b)(3) of K.A.R. 14-13-12]

Liquor containers that are damaged or deteriorated in quality include containers that leak, contain foreign matter, are short-filled, have broken federal seals, have badly stained or soiled labels, or which are otherwise unfit for sale to the general public. [Subsection (a) of K.A.R. 14-13-12]

This store is independently owned & operated in accordance with Kansas Liquor Laws.

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